Dear Ana and Mia

Dear Ana and Mia,

Do you know what you have done?

She was so beautiful and now she’s gone.

You brought it into her mind,

Told her all these lies.

As she looks in the mirror,

It’s time to admit her worst fear.

She won’t eat, can’t sleep.

Running, crying, feels like she is dying.

Praying to be perfect,

But she knows that this pain is worth it.

She’s lost control. Can’t take anymore.

You know that she is dying.

And for what?

To just be beautiful.

God, she can’t even look at her reflection,

Starving for more than just perfection.

She’s an average teen,

Who only wants to be beauty queen,

To look like her favorite Hollywood star.

The only difference is that you made her take it way too far.

Now she won’t eat, can’t sleep, feels like she is dying.

Yet she won’t stop trying.

You knew that she was dying.

115. No, wait. She’s reached the perfect weight 88.

You put her on trial,

And still made her run that extra mile.

Telling lies everyday as she pushes her plate away.

The only thing that she feeds on is when they say she looks great.

Every day was the same.

She was living in denial.

Skipping meal after meal.

Taking pill after pill.

Dear Ana and Mia,

Do you know what you’ve done?

Made her ill, and her life go down hill.

And now she’s gone…gone.

Where did she go wrong?

You were there with her all along.

Her only dream was to find a place where she belonged.

Made her feel as if she were not strong,

Oh, let me tell you how you were very wrong.

It wasn’t long before she saw that it was you who did not belong.

It won’t be long until she is fully better.

That is why I wrote you this letter.

God, I am finally free,

Now I am telling you to leave.

I feel sorry for you.

Living in the minds of the weak.

Telling lies, making them want to die.

Let them be, please set them free,

So that they may see people like me.

Because I am fine with just being me.